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Mamluk Posters

Trzes' Mamluk deck has been created from vector graphics entirely. That means the images are arbitrarily scalable and look equally marvelous when massively enlarged. The size of the posters on offer is 100 x 37 cm (roughly 39.5 x 14.5 in) with the actual image covering 97 x 33.5 cm (roughly 38 x 13 in).

The price is 33 Euros for one poster, or 105 Euros for all posters, worldwide shipping included.

The choices from left to right: 5 of scimitars, 3rd dep. of polo sticks, 7 of multitudes, king of coins.

Just select an option from the combo box below and then click on the PayPal-Button to order. You will get a confirmation email from PayPal and a shipping notification from trzes-art. However it may take up to a week to ship your items.

Mamluk Poster

For bulk orders and wholesale prices please get in touch via email.

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